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Skill-Building Toddler Programs

Your child receives an effective head start on learning at Sakonnet Early Learning Center in Tiverton, Rhode Island. We offer age-appropriate programs with a discovery center approach to make your child’s experiences enjoyable while encouraging curiosity and wonder about the world.

Toddler Room

It is our belief toddlers learn through their own experiences, trial and error, repetition, imitation, and identification. We created this program for children younger than age three that invites play, active exploration, and movement. These goals are accomplished in our safe, nurturing environment through an active development approach to learning.

Toddler Tally

We developed a Toddler Tally to provide a more efficient channel of communication regarding the occurrences of your child’s day. It reports the overall disposition of your children, what they ingested during AM and PM snack and lunch, how long they napped, what they need for diapering/toileting (i.e. more diapers or another change of clothes), and details of toileting throughout the day.

Diaper Changing & Potty Training

Diaper changing has never been so much fun as our toddler room staff entertains your child while changing their diaper. Our state-of-the-art changing table makes it easy, comfortable, clean, and most importantly, safe. The staff is required to wear a clean pair of latex gloves and place a fresh sheet of examining paper down for each changing.
Due to children having sensitivity to different products, *S.E.L.C. cannot provide diapers, wipes, and ointments for each child. It is also helpful to keep a complete change of clothing for your child at our facility.
Mom and Son playing with blocks — Early Learning Center in Tiverton, RI
Happy father with his son — Early Learning Center in Tiverton, RI
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