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Skill-Building Preschool Programs



The preschool learning environment is significant as your child transitions from the dependent world of babies to the independent wondering stage of being three years old. At this age, your child is capable of magical thinking. That is, the belief that actions and thoughts can bring about events.
With our creative curriculum, your child is able to create a life of fantasy and make believe through developmental opportunities of imagination and language. We provide a framework for critical learning experiences that form the building block to your child's educational needs. Through our age-appropriate learning centers, your three-year-old will learn the basics of numbers, shapes, and colors.

Four's Galore

Pack your discovery bags because this program will satisfy your four-year-old child's desire to explore and learn more. Your child's need to develop friendships blooms and grows in our four-year-old class. Fun and appropriate pre-kindergarten activities provide individual preparation for school by offering choices in degree of creativity and amount of time spent on each activity.
Goals for the pre-kindergarten class are oriented towards enhancing developmental skills, which will build on readiness for the kindergarten experience. Your four-year-old child begins to function more independently in our group setting and expands social and learning skills in anticipation for success in school.
Preschoolers on class — Early Learning Center in Tiverton, RI
Focused Girl — Early Learning Center in Tiverton, RI
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